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In the context of our modern lives, many of us have become confused about the nature of love and the nature of giving. We have been taught that giving to another or helping or loving means giving up our life energy. We have been taught that a "good" person "gives to others" and does "good things" for others. In their truest definitions, I believe this is exactly what the sacred text and great teachers of the world have been saying for many centuries. But somewhere along the way it seems we have lost our understanding of what 'giving' really is. Ironically, there is a paradoxically different way to understand giving. What if giving has nothing to do with fixing, changing or helping another, but rather receiving the love of another that is hidden in their own heart?

This is one of the paradoxes of practical mysticism--that in relationship the "giver" should receive as much as the "receiver," since in this paradigm, giving and receiving are the same.

The secret to this process is to reverse the usual concept of giving and receiving. To know in fact, that we heal another by breathing in the love in their being, by drawing out their ability to love, and by drawing out the Divine Light that is inherent in each soul, whether it is apparent or not. By consciously breathing in the love in the other, we are drawing out their capacity to love in a different manner than we traditionally understand. Rather than saying "I love you," we say, "You love me." We call forward the other's capacity to love and to heal the world and themselves by shining our light on the light already in them. We reverse the flow that most of us consider to be the way of loving kindness and at the same time we ourselves receive not only a healing, but a deeper level of contact with the other.

Love, healing, connection, or contact in relationship should never be depleting. If it is, we are misunderstanding something. Love is like the perpetual motion machine. It generates more energy as it goes along, not less.

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  1. I agree; acceptance of someone's love tells them that what they have to give is valuable, and it is probably the greatest gift anyone can give.


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